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Edable Bowl Maker October 31, 2010

Filed under: Dessert — christinedel @ 11:13 pm

It’s not very often a product’s description grabs my attention long enough for me to finish reading the paragraph.  But this item sold me at corn bread with chili bowl (a dish I seldom eat!). Of course the pictures of desserts helped to push me over the edge.

There are three different sizes sold there are ” available in a 2-section pan (makes 5″-diameter bowls), 6-section pan (makes 3″-diameter bowls), loaf pan or 10″ round springform pan that also comes with a flat base for cheesecakes and more!”

If you turn over this pan, you can make 6 mini muffins too!

Here are some of the pictures on the box. Also, a small recipe book is included to help jump-start your baking experience.  So far I have used it three times, each time I was so excited that I eat my creation before I took pictures.

Just look at all the yummies you can make! I started salivating when I opened the box. I now know what I am going to make for my next Bunco game night.

You can find this product here:

This website’s descirption is as follows:

“Enjoy your meal… and the bowl it came in! These specially designed pans create novel edible bowls that are ready to fill with all of your favorites. Great for breakfast, dinner and dessert! Start out with an ice bowl for shrimp cocktail… then move on to cornbread with chili. Finish up with a fruit-filled brownie or angel food cake. The 2-section and 6-section pans come with an idea book that includes multiple suggestions for creating delicious entrées, appetizers and desserts. Heavy-duty, carbon-coated, non-stick steel pans provide for uniform cooking and baking. Pans are oven, freezer and dishwasher safe.”


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