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Frozen Fruit “Ice Cream” Cones June 28, 2011

Summertime is upon us and of course one of the best ways to cool down is with ice cream. But this isn’t your traditional ice cream cone of summers past.  Just select your favorite fruits, your favorite melon ballers and your favorite white chocolate for a quick and easy summer treat!






Mini cones

White Chocolate (quantity will depend on the number of cones and the thickness of chocolate, maybe 1 chocolate melt per 2-3 cones)


Melon ballers in various sizes (I used a round measuring tablespoon and regular sized melon baller)

Small Silicone brush

Medium bowl


Melt chocolate in the microwave until smooth. Quickly brush the insides of each cones making sure no gaps are present. This will insure the cones do not become soggy from the water content of the fruit. Let set until completely hard. This step can be done ahead of time and store cones in an air tight container.

When ready, use the regular melon baller to create two balls for each cone.

Using the round tablespoon, start to cut into the fruit at about a 90’ angle, curve into the fruit creating the main body of the ball. Go deep enough into the fruit so that a small portion of the handle is hidden. Turn the handle clockwise and just before you make a full circle pull up and pop the fruit ball out.

Place the first ball deep inside followed by the second ball on top making sure enough  is above the rim so the larger ball can rest on top of it. This will help the top layer not slide off.

20-30 minutes in the freezer and it will be perfect for a hot summer day.

Frozen Fruit "Ice Cream" Cone sample


Extending Your Fruits and Veggies Shelf Life July 9, 2009

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In these times, when we are all looking to cut costs and save a little extra money it becomes harder to spend your extra money on something, well, extra.  Sometimes you have to spend money to save money.

There is no need to tell you that fresh fruits and veggies are some of the fastest items in our refrigerators to spoil.  Well, in my kitchen, they now have a longer shelf life.  I am a skeptic about most everything.  But, I trusted my friend and took a leap of faith on Tupperware’s Fridge Smart collection.  And now I loved them!  Yes, they are on the pricey side for my tastes but they do more than make up for it.  I only buy Tupperware when it is on sale. These items are currently on sale until Friday.  These containers typically (I believe so) go on sale each year during the months of April or May. So I am surprised to see them on sale right now.

How they work, I don’t know.  But they truly do. Maybe it’s a little magic.  I have had spinach in the large container for over four weeks.  Strawberries in the medium one for two weeks.  I put anything and everything in them.  They even come with a handy guide on the side of each container stating how many vents to open or to close.

I would highly recommend you take the leap of faith like I did and try these containers out.

Fridge Smart 1