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The Kid versus The Pea March 14, 2009

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Why children have an aversion to green things on their plate I don’t know.  But what I do know is I have that same aversion to green things on my plate.  Maybe its the color that is just not that appealing or it’s just a mental block.  As none of you know, I have a three month old now.  Not to long ago I had a dream I was trying to teach her to eat peas.   As with most kids, she didn’t want to eat them either.  So I was trying and trying to get her to eat them.  I was telling her they were good, healthy, and yummy.  She just didn’t bite.  Then my dream took a twist.

The two of us were sitting across from each other at the dining room table.  She had a bowl of peas and I had a bowl too.  I was teaching her to pick them up with her index finger and thumb.  Somehow thinking fine tuning her fine motor skills would help her to like them.  I would put the green thing in my mouth and say yummy.  But it just didn’t taste like peas.  She would look at me and analyze what was going on.  I would do it again and still no pea taste.  She would stare and not believe that peas tasted good.  Then I would take a spoon full and eat them.  Still making yummy sounds.  Eventually, she caved and started eating her peas and enjoying them too.  Then I finally realized I wasn’t eating peas I was eating green M&Ms.

How awesome is that?  I am totally going to do that to her when she gets older.  I will have green M&Ms on my plate and she will have peas.  She will be none the wiser.  Hopefully my husband will want chocolate with his dinners too.