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New Meal Month March! Year 3 February 27, 2009

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New Meal Month March is fast approaching.  Soon strange new meals will be eaten, rated, tweaked, and filed in a homemade cookbook.

The Why: Why eat the same meals all year long when you can go crazy trying new recipes?

The Goal: To create as many new meals as possible in one month.

The Ratings: On a scale of 1 through 3 stars, 1 star- I’ll starve before I eat that again, 2 stars- it’s decent,  if you make it again I would eat it, and three stars- heck yeah I can eat that everyday.  Occasionally, there will be a 4 star meal but its rare.  We also use fractions to help bump up the ratings.

The Tweaking: This is were each family member gets to suggest their likes/dislikes, improvements, any changes, and potential side dishes.  These notes are written directly on the recipe page itself.

The Result: New fabulous meals added to your family’s personalized cookbook. Our cookbook is simply a three ring binder with the recipes in plastic sleeves.  Not glamours I know but hey all our recipes are in one easy to find easy to read book, complete with dividers even.  Got to thank my sister for that great idea.


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